A person will only have one or two such birthmarks

UGGs in stores Café-au-lait spots are dark spots on the skin that look like birthmarks. Most children have the pigment from birth, and it almost never becomes more extensive. The pattern of the pigment distribution is unique, often starting or ending abruptly at the midline on the abdomen in front ugg boots discount or at the spine in back. Most commonly the patches are on the buttocks and lumbosacral back. The patches are usually large, and have irregular borders resembling the "coast of Maine". This is in contrast to the spots of neurofibromatosis, which have a smooth border resembling the "coast of California". They are light to medium brown.

UGGs in stores The high incidence of new mutations is thought to result from the large size of the gene, which increases the likelihood of spontaneous mutations. CAL spots without NF involvement. About discount uggs percent of people with NF have café-au-lait spots. In fact, birthmarks that could be classified as café-au-lait spots often show up in people who don't have NF. A person will only have one or two such birthmarks. CAL spots are more frequently observed in children of African American race. Café-au-lait spots are usually present at birth, increasing in size and number with age. CAL lesions do not require medical care. Monitoring of associated conditions is required.

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