Can Shampoos and Other Hair Styling Products Cause Hair Loss?

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ghd StraightenerAn allergic reaction to any constituent in shampoo or hair products can cause hair loss. Shampoos are designed to be as safe as possible, although there is always someone who will react to them. Caustic hair ghd straightener dyes, straighteners, and other products can certainly cause inflammation of the scalp and result in hair loss.

ghd Straightenerghd StraightenerCan my hairstyle cause my hair to fall out?

ghd Straightenerghd StraightenerCertain hairstyles can contribute to hair loss, most notably styles involving tight braids or pull-backs. This form of hair loss is called traction alopecia. This occurs when the hair is pulled tightly back and fastened at the base of the skull, or braided into tight braids or rows. Exposure to this type of hairstyle over long periods can ghd hair straightener result in a scarring alopecia, with no potential for regrowth.

ghd Straightenerghd StraightenerIf you are uncertain about the condition of your hair and scalp then take advice from a qualified trichologist.

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