Womens Sweaters: My, How the Times Have Changed!

No annotation specifiedI'm a big lover of women's sweaters -- and I'll bet you are too.  I'm a bit older now (I'm almost ), and I've noticed a curious thing: although sweaters are still popular with women -- even young women -- the younger women have a decidedly different take on what they like, and don't like, than older generations.There was a time when most women had given up knitting, for example, instead uggs ireland leaving it up to a company to mass-produce a woman's knitted sweater.  I think that many in the baby-boom generation largely abandoned the skill of knitting -- they felt that it was just too old-fashioned.  But I am noticing that more and more younger women are learning how to knit -- and as proof of this I would point you to the number of Internet websites that are offering free knitting patterns for women's sweaters.  Obviously not all of those patterns are good -- some are outright outlandish!  -- but there are still some gems there, and I see more and more younger women all the time signing up for knitting classes at their local community college or community centers.

An difference -- obviously --  is in the area of personal fashion taste -- some ugg for sale of us older women like things like old-time women's ski sweaters with snowflake designs or traditional Icelandic design Bergen women's cardigan sweaters -- whereas the younger ones seem to prefer things like women size sweater vests or those really cute (and skimpy!)  women's baby doll sweaters.  In general, the younger ones seem to like the more formfitting type of sweater; and I guess that's because they still have the figure for it!An area of difference between the generations when it comes to women's sweaters is in the area of price range.  Younger women are much more easily influenced by a designer label -- and they are much more willing to pay a lot extra for a designer women's sweater, then those of us who are older. 

Personally, I am just as comfortable wearing an inexpensive % cotton women's sweater as I am wearing an expensive women's plus-sized angora sweater.  But the younger ones are more interested in appearing in ugg for sale something they consider "fashionable".Interesting isn't it -- how the years between the generations cause us to have different perceptions about clothing (as in many areas of life, I guess).  So this winter season, if you are a bit older and are thinking about purchasing a woman's sweater for a younger woman of your acquaintance, you might want to keep in mind that their taste in clothing is not necessarily like your own.  Make sure to purchase a woman's sweater that is in the design and style that THEY like, rather than something that you prefer -- your gift will be much more appreciated (and less likely to be returned!). Younger Women Younger Ones Much More