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The fate of humanity is in your hands! The Earth is in the danger of being destroyed by a fast spreading alien virus that kills anybody it infects. The only hope is a vaccine that was developed on a remote space station by uggs on sale our scientists. You are now on your way back with the precious cargo on board, when you start to understand that the virus was intentionally introduced. How do you know it? Simple - it seems that everything goes wrong on your way back. First, someone tried to kill you while you were inside the space station. Second, unknown forces tried to sabotage your ship launch, but you found the fuel leakage just in time. Finally, you found a bomb on board. And now this - hordes of UFOs and alien ships are getting more and more fierce as you approach the Earth to save its inhabitants. Captain, its not going to be easy, but with some skills and doggedness you can do it. Just keep your thumb close to the Fire button.

UGGs in stores After your payment is processed you will get a registration key (serial number) which will unlock the full version.There is NO additional download and NO waiting!You will be playing the full ugg on sale version in a matter of minutes.UGGs in stores "This is definitely the game to play. It's awesome. I'm so hooked to it, I can't seem to stop playing. My husband and I find it family-oriented as we try to top each s' score. Good job guys!"

"This is a great space shooter game that you can't ever stop playing! It also has really great music while you are 

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